About This Web Site

While our DB-Fishbowl email list experienced some rough waters in the month of May 2017, it resulted in something beautiful in the end.

A couple of things:

First, our email list moved from Google-groups to a new custom designed aquatic home at Mailman.  We are no longer renting; we live here.
Second, we have developed Email List Guidelines to keep us more comfortable in our safe, private aquatic home. They are fluid (pardon the pun), meaning they will be adjusted to reflect needs as they arise.
And now the surprise

As I celebrated my 60th birthday in June, I was blessed with an unexpected gift.
I have been given a web site for DB-Fishbowl and now it is time to share this wonderful gift with you.  The web site is designed to be your aquatic habitat and we can all gather and live and learn together.  It is an expansion of our email list that serves as a peer group of members. This is our vacation spa pool where we can come when we need a refreshing.  It is filled with both information and fun.
This web site is not to be confused with the Mailman options page at http://db-fishbowl.com/mailman/listinfo/db-fishbowl_db-fishbowl.com.  The web site is totally separate and is found at http://www.db-fishbowl.com.
I have asked our aquatic designer to give you a verbal tour. After you have toured the web site, feel free to share your questions, ideas, suggestions and feedback by emailing webmaster@db-fishbowl.com.   You may have wondered why the Mailman Email List Administrator had the email address of webmaster instead of administrator.  Now you know.  Now let's begin the tour.

Marie Anne Fousek,
DB-Fishbowl Email List Owner
Just keep swimming...
* * *

Come with me as we go through the verbal aquatic tour of the new web site found at http://www.db-fishbowl.com.

  1. The web site was designed with the movie "Finding Nemo" in mind.  So you will find many references to that.  Calming ocean water colors of blues, aquas and teals were used. The title of the web site is "DB Fishbowl" and the slogan is "Just keep swimming." as you have seen us use often on the email list, when you had no idea this was the web site slogan.
  2. Our aquatic designer created the logo. It is 2 fishbowls with teng and clown fish jumping from one into the other, leaving the left one empty and right one full of fish.  In the movie "Finding Nemo", Nemo was a clown fish with bright orange and white markings; and Dory was a blue teng fish in colors of blue and black with a yellow tail. So the logo design was to have the fish all jump from the smaller fishbowl into the community of clown and teng fish in the other bowl showing the last two, one clown fish and one blue teng, still in the air mid-way between the fishbowls.
  3. Since our designer is an accessibility specialist, there are many features on the site to serve sighted, low vision and screen-reader users.
    1. For screen-reader users all images, links and buttons are alt-tagged.  On the web site is a description of alt-tag and alt-text. Check it out. This is to educate non-screen-reader users, since low-vision and sighted web site visitors often are not aware of what is needed for screen-reader users to access the same information as sighted users.
    2. For low-vision web site visitors there are several features.  There is a tool called "Page Style" with four choices of text and background colors.  Once set, it remains on that setting site-wide as you browse the web pages until you change it.  This tool is on every page so you can access it wherever you are.  The next tool is called "Text Size".  Also found on each page, you can increase and decrease the text without it going off the side of the screen you are using. The text remains contained within its borders.
    3. Of course, if you have your own software, browser or computer settings you use to visit web sites you are free to keep it set on that.
    4. This next feature is great for all users. You will notice a link at the end of each article/page called "printer-friendly version". When selected, you get a fresh version of the page you were on with the header, footer, menus, and images removed.  It eliminates the problem of unwanted clutter when you print a page. It is also easy on the eyes for the low-vision site visitor.  For screen-reader users you don't need to navigate all around to know where the article starts and ends.
    5. The second link at the end of each article/page is called "Send by Email".  You can use this if you want to send the page you are reading to yourself or someone else in the fishbowl.  It allows you to email straight from the web site without ever using your own email client.  You just fill out the little form and hit "Send email".  In the past, have you ever tried to email a web page article to someone but it was cluttered with links, photos and ads?  This eliminates that because it is presented just like the printer-friendly page.
    6. For sighted and low-vision users, the web site is done in a "responsive theme".  That means it presents well on all screen sizes from smart phone size to large monitors or TV screens. A responsive theme is a flexible foundation with fluid grid system that adapts and scales itself depending on the size of the browser window. This means that it will look good from large desktop screens to small mobile web browsers without the need for a separate mobile theme. You can try making your browser window very small and you will see what it will look like on a mobile browser. Before responsive themes, when viewing on a small screen or smart phone, the text would go off the screen and you would need to scroll back and forth to read anything. In our site, sections slip under each other and text wraps within the borders of the sections.
  4. Layout: On each page is the header, footer, menu bar, search box, and the two accessibility tools mentioned earlier.  The main real estate is the content, which changes with each web page you choose.  In the content area of the front page are teasers to content (web pages) throughout the web site.  They each have a title and the very beginning of an article with a "read more" link that leads to its web page.  For screen-reader users, each title is heading level two.
  5. The footer is another location with a list of the main menu page links.  Also there is a quick link to the Email List Guidelines and a "Today's Popular Content" list.  It is a changing short list of the top two most visited web pages on the site that day.
  6. Content so far:
    1. The Mailman Email List Guidelines
    2. "Our Fishbowl Members" is a current list of fishies that are subscribed to our Mailman email list and their state.
    3. "Fish Q and A".  Content is added to this page constantly so it will keep you interested and entertained. It is quite extensive and there for your enjoyment.
    4. A resource where to find audio described versions of movies including "Finding Nemo". 
  7. Plans for upcoming content:
    1. We are planning a "member section" with contributions from you fishies.  There are some beautiful things you have written that we think should be kept, so this is where they will go.  Please let us know of content you would like to submit to be approved by emailing either owner@db-fishbowl.com  or webmaster@db-fishbowl.com.
    2. An "owner section" where Marie Anne can post messages to you.  If there is a particularly long message she may want to write, she may refer you to this page by putting a link to it in an email on our DB-Fishbowl list. 

Enjoy!!!  And of course, just keep swimming...