Below you will find links to useful information.  They will be organized into two groups: Resources of our DB-Fishbowl Members and Other Resources.  They will appear alphabetically within each group.  If a particular DB-Fishbowl member has more than one resource they will be listed under that members name.

Resources of our DB-Fishbowl Members

Elizabeth Spiers

Jeri Cooper

  • Jeri's House: "Empowering DeafBlind Individuals to reach their highest potential."
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    Each person is different and unique and God has a beautiful plan specifically for each person. Jeri’s House is a place where people who are DeafBlind can come and learn how to be independent, learn Braille and signs, advocacy, hobbies, and be comfortable working through their adjustments of being DeafBlind. Jeri’s House promotes empowerment and encouragement for each individual to reach their highest potential.

Ruth Silver

Other Resources

Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired

The Ten Commandments of Deaf-Blind Culture

What Do You Do When You Meet a Deaf-Blind Person?